***** Express-Explore-Expand Nicki Koethner, Marriage and Family Therapy is rated 5.0 out of 5 stars, based on 4 reviews!

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    Nicki is amazing! I participated in a workshop she facilitated a couple years back, and have since followed her work. She has a strong, kind, compassionate, authentic, supportive presence. I am impressed with her balance of lightheartedness and deep intuitive wisdom. I highly recommend her for one-on-one sessions and group workshops.

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    Nicki has a rare combination of skills, including the ability to deeply empathize and the ability to see things objectively while addressing them directly. I have known her personally and professionally for over 12 years, and have been constantly amazed by how much passion and creativity is constantly flowing from her. She is engaged with others and the world in many ways - always having many projects going on, and yet always seeming to find time to be an amazingly supportive, caring and present
    person. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking someone to grow, expand, and deepen in their love for life!

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    Nicki is full of wisdom, and knows how to listen deeply and let ones process unfold.

    She has a full presence and creative approach, not just talking things through, but really working to transform old and stuck patterns so that you can move on as a more whole and integrated person.

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    I am a psychotherapist as well and I get requests from friends who ask me for a therapist who can call them on their s**t. Yet, they want this person to be nurturing and understanding.

    Well, you got your match!

    Nicki is a uniquely creative, compassionate, warm and caring therapist. She has a lot of experience in using expressive arts for healing as well as working with people going through transitions, dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions and attachment issues. She works with children of divorce, children in general and the LGBTQ community.

    She is specifically good with children. I have witnessed on casual occasions, children being drawn to her like moths to a flame.

    She knows when and how to use expressive arts and when "just" to talk. You will have fun while being confronted on your issues, you will feel supported while you cry and you will receive non-judgmental care, whatever your background is.

    If you are looking for a fun but grounded therapist call her! If you are wanting to explore yourself using expressive arts, call her! If you need guidance around divorce or other major transitions, call her! You won't regret it :)

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